Gairloch Community Hall

At the heart of the Community


As most of you will know the Hall has recently bought what used to be the Tourist Office so all the parts of the building now belong to the community. These rooms are presently let to Beautopia who worked with the Hall in refurbishing the facilities. Those of you who have been inside will have been able to compare the ‘then’ and ‘now’. What were once dingy and bleak rooms are now bright and cheerful and welcoming.


We, the committee members, have another project in mind and we’d like your input. Some time back before we put in an offer for the former Tourist Office we asked, through an article in the paper, for ideas about the possible future usage of the rooms. One suggestion was for a centre for High-speed Broadband.


There is a very large loft space above the rooms which we hope to convert and already we are putting out feelers for funding. We believe that such as centre would be ideal in the converted loft. Maybe there are those of you who would want to use high-speed facilities on an irregular basis such as for Skyping. There may be others of you who would use the room as a work base such as Website design or for outsourcing purposes.


What we need now is to find out the possible usage of such a facility. No commitment on your part is necessary but we’d like to know what general support there might be. Please talk to any committee member or contact us through our chairperson, Bob Widdows, on 01445 712 176.


Dorothy Malone





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